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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Comedy? YES? F*CK YES!

So, I looked at some stuff on my Twitter, and when I did, I saw something alarming, but not too surprising.. you people like Comedy. It actually surpassed Gaming.. how is that even possible?
So.. hunh.. with this new found information, I am going to take over the interwebz!

I'm looking at a huge 75% of my followers and the general public like Comedy more and more.
Which is very ironic considering that I see gaming channels in my feed mostly. But I guess the fact I follow about 400 or more people has something to do with that hunh?

I have been trying to adjust my channel to the changing times.. and with Comedy being the dominate force right now, I am going to pump out more of that for the traffic.

I am a traffic whore. Get over it. You need to do stuff like this to be noticed. I want to be noticed.

Seriously, I do. I like the views and the traffic, it means I can get more people interested in me, and hopefully get advertising money raised so I can quit my dog damned job. I'm wanting to work in entertainment full time.. that's my thing. And this real life work crap, although I only do it 3 days a week, still cuts into what I want to do fully with my time.

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