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Thursday, March 31, 2016

I'm on GoFUNDME!

Oh come on? Are you really asking for money? Damn man. Cut it out. Seriously.

I'm sure some of you are saying that. Why am I asking for money? Seems like an all time low.

Well before you bust my ass about it, I don't ask for much when I ask, and I always have a clear goal in mind when I ask.. so here's why I'm asking.

I make very little money. As anyone starting the acting field, you should know it's extremely difficult to get into, due to MONEY being a big issue. How can I make money at my current job and pursue my dream as an actor too? How? 

Thing is, starting out, you're flat ass broke.

Guess what? I'm in that boat. So I'm trying to ask for a small pick me up.

No one has donated! NO ONE! Depressing actually. Not even a dollar.. or a dime. I mean shit son.

But it's fine! I'll post reminders.. I know how people need reminded, it's a busy world out there.. I know. So here's another reminder! Details in the link.

Thanks for the continued encouragement everyone!

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