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Friday, April 29, 2016

Wow! Been some time!

Hello Punks!

Wow it's been some time since I released a blog, hunh?

I can see why actors and actresses who have YouTube channels, aren't very personally active on these things. You're so busy trying to find jobs and steady work, and when you do find this, you're working.

Didn't know I'd get even more busy trying to do this acting thing.

In other news..

I was browsing YouTube, and wanted to watch some videos I had saved.
But I couldn't, wanna know why? The videos were deleted!
Now seriously? WTF? I really need to just download the videos instead.
I don't nor do I want, YouTube Red... so guess I can't legally download these videos.

But every time I make a playlist, or I wanna save a video for later.. it's gone.

Wish people would just make the videos unlisted or something instead.

Anyways, I posted a new video.. you can watch it below!

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