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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Acting Career Pt 1

What's up Punks?

So, I am trying out for some commercials, and some modeling..
Looking for background work too on indie or bigger films.
I am hoping I can finally get a break on a small or large film and make it on the set.
I am told I should just go for bigger roles, and not waste time on background work..
..maybe the Webinar is right? Maybe I should just go all out and try for big roles?

But I have no acting experience aside from this blog and my YouTube channel. I am hoping that is enough. Granted I am in an upcoming play as Manolo from the Odd Couple, Female Version which is shooting in August of 2016.

I have submitted some online data to companies for their short films and commercials.. I hope I get featured in these so I can have credits.. would be awesome! I need to build my reel and I really (get it reel -ly?) don't have anything for it.


Good luck me!

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