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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trying to reach a wider audience?

You know, I thought about it, there's no free advertising service out there for YouTubers is there?
I look and see it all cost money.

You know the magical green shit that rules human lives? Yea that stuff. I hate that stuff. I want to find a website I can use that isn't a spam fest of assholes.

Does such a site exist? Does it? Like really? Nope.. probably not. Because you know why? I know why. FML, that's why.

So I'm going to make one.. sorta.. granted if this website even is seen.. granted a few hundred views come my way, which is very impressive actually since I don't post this website on social medias.. it's my diary.. I don't really want to spam it on other social media.. who really wants to read this bullshit?

I mean I would gain a lot of respect for a person who did and didn't judge me for it.

Then again it's the damn internet, people will judge me simply because they didn't get off in the bathroom after they worked for hours trying to jerk it.

See this is why I don't want to put myself out there on YouTube. Who in the hell wants to see some 30 year old butthead bitch about himself and focus on bitching? No one got time for that.

Comedy is on the rise.. not "Emo's World, please kill me." No.. I'm not emotional.. at least I'm not like the people who dye their hair.. not like I could dye my hair.. I don't have f*cking hair.. maybe I'll get a stupid sharpie and pencil some on. Stupid ass genetics can kiss my hairy ass.. that's where all my damn head hair went to I'll bet. GENETICS YOU SUCK ASSHOLE!

I don't know.. whatever! I'm sure one day I'll hit a good viewership. I don't know why the hell I feel the need to bitch. I mean it'll happen.. I'm just not well established yet.. by seriously, why the hell am I so damned impatient? Why? I don't know why.


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