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Monday, April 4, 2016

Website got updated!

I updated my webpage! Hooray! Tell you what, that was seriously therapeutic!
It looks MUCH BETTER than it originally did. Before, it was just a plain page with several pages you could scroll through. No real direction. Too plain. Meh. So I worked on it for a good 3 hours.

I have to say, although YouTube is still depressing me since I see how much MORE work I have to do with a video, (aside from recording and editing) I am starting to pick up mentally. I am going to work on my acting profile to get that up to par, and work on more film.

I am told I should have a subject that makes the channel really stand out. But I tried that. I just can't. Best thing I can really do at this point is classify it as Entertainment or Comedy. That's it.

I can't just focus on How Tos.. or Let's Plays (Mainly because my computer is a piece of shit)

But yea! I'll try to keep the negativity out of this post.. I noticed I was becoming a bit too negative.
But then again this is my dairy, and whatever is in my head, I need to put out there and keep it there.

Thanks for reading, for those that do.


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