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Monday, July 25, 2016

Drink BLEACH!!

So, I possibly got a new 9 to 5 job at 15$ an hour, 40 hours a week, with optional overtime. Weekends off.

My current job is a 9 to 5 job at 9$ an hour, 18 hours a week, with no overtime.  
Weekends off.

So I was telling my wife about the new job, and how it is at a call center.
With the drastic pay increase, I was saying I would put up with the most bullshit throwing customers that I may run into.. and do so with a smile on face and actually help them the best I can, despite what they might say to me.

I was joking how I have been told to drink bleach before by customers... and when I brought that up.. we thought of this joke..

(By the way, don't actually drink bleach.. you shouldn't be that idiotic.)

 For all of us regulars.. you have Bleach.
This is the normal that we are told to drink daily.
It's commonly used on forums, from customers, online games.. you know.

 For us trying to look our best, for photo shoots, commercials,
or even the working actor.. normal bleach has too many calories,
so we finally made a new type.. DIET BLEACH! Because you should always look your best.
Finally, you have Burger Bleach. This is for the people who like taste. Don't care about the overly massive amount of carbs, and like to have something that says "I don't care that I'm drinking bleach!"

Yep... I went there.

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