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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy Stuff!


So I've done a few rants here and there, which really helps get my mind out there and feel better.
Granted some people feel I'm simply ranting for attention, or ranting because I like to hear myself rant.
I rant because I can make it funny, and sometimes the rant isn't a funny rant, it's just a rant.
I really am not a negative person. LOL!!

But in other news, I got  a visitor coming to meet me today, never met the guy before.. my friends all know him, and he wanted to meet me.. I guess to cheer me up? Or just to talk? I don't know.. I have been a Debbie Downer these past couple of days.. if it wasn't obvious.

But time for happy stuff!

It's a nice day outside, very pretty.. seriously.. look at this;

Here's a photo from my Instagram too.. I been taking photos playing Pokemon GO.
Interact with the pic, or click the hashtags on the picture.. "PLANET POKEMON GO" to be more precise... to see my work.

A photo posted by Little Jay Berry (@littlejayberry) on

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