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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hate Employers

Welp! I hate employers. 

I honestly do. Waste my damn time and I take off from work to meet these people.. Do my best to answer their questions.. Try to make an impression. And they lie to me straight up. Straight up. 
Wife told me that they filled it. Hired someone else on the spot. 

Glad I didn't waste my time making the resume.. Poor Father in Law did though.. They wasted his valuable time, wasted my valuable work hours and I swear ...they need to go get off that high horse of theirs..

(And before you jump my ass that he made my resume, he wanted to help me and wanted it to be a really good one.)

I remember you could walk into a place, be respectful, nice, considerate, have a general idea on what to do, get trained to be better and then over time perfect the skill at that job.

Now it's if you don't have ALL the skills you need for the job, then don't apply!
But how do you get skills for a job that doesn't require a trade school or college? You apply for it.. and try to wow them. That's what it is anymore. A bunch of dick sucking. That's all it'll ever be.

People are starving, losing their homes, and trying to find a job that doesn't involve a dick sucking bitch for an employer. This shit is stupid as hell. I hate it.

 This is what I get for getting my hopes up. Look for work and look for work and anytime I get an interview... They don't even bother telling me straight up if I am gonna be hired. 

From now on, I am just going to ask them right out. And call them the next day.. This whole "We'll be in touch" crap is done. No more man.. If your sorry ass ain't got the balls to be honest straight up.. 

Then you don't need to be a hiring manager. Every time I get that feeling after leaving an interview... Yea.. Call me psychic, because I always tend to read people like a book.. And despite this.. I still try to ignore it and say I'm wrong so I ain't some depressing jerk.. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt.. And each time I get screwed over.

Done. Following my natural judgement of people.. Never questioning it again.
Done with this crockpot of crap.

Then of course, I get some friends on my Facebook page says how I should learn a trade.. I got a trade.. there's nothing for it out there right now. NOTHING.  Not where I live anyway.

But don't have an attitude problem!

 I DON'T HAVE ONE! Having one during the interview or whatever is one thing.. getting mad that you got pissed on is another. Oh I'm sorry, am I not allowed to be upset that I got lied to? Okay then. Am I not allowed to be upset that I apply for job after job and I don't get anywhere?

 BUT FILL OUT 20 applications a day!! 

OKAY! WILL DO.. how do you expect I pay for my gas to get the applications for these jobs? What about online apps? Well yes.. I can do that too and call.. but that still involves driving to them if they're interested.. wasting time being interviewed by a dick sucker that has no intention of hiring me.

Take courses on how to do interviews!

Okay.. so how do you expect I use time that I am already using at the job I have now.. which isn't paying well.. going to look for work, and practicing my acting? Okay.. so follow the advice about interviews? Okay...

OH WAIT! I have done that.. I HAVE followed the advice.. and I STILL don't get hired because I didn't suck that employer's dick!

But I've had it worse than you! 

I have have a negative balance with no way of paying it.
I've been less than a few cents in my bank account as well.
I have been broke all my life because employers either cut your hours... or hire so many damn people... there's not enough hours to go around!

Seriously.. sometimes I just wanna smack these people.. some advice.. like I haven't tried any of that.


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