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Saturday, July 23, 2016


Life. Meh.

Sometimes I love to make videos.. other days, I just run out of what to make.

With the acting, my current job being shitty (at best), having to look for work, and just life in general... I'm simply not able to make videos like I was.

Mom, Dad, Wife, and Myself
It's impossible to make videos, have me time, time for family, time for work, and time for acting.

Something has to give. So life is making something give.. my YouTube channel.

I still make videos, but I see myself making videos as more of a weekly thing. Trying to make a video every day, twice a day, is just not working for me.

I'm also losing interest in my content, and it's showing. I just can't think of anything interesting to make, so that means the video won't be interesting to watch. This is another contributing factor.

YouTube has fucked up some shit too, so it's screwing my traffic to shit. Apparently, you need at least 10 minutes for a video to be worth anything. Period. Pewdiepie and JackSepticEye have confirmed this.
Me, with a full head of hair!

I just want to act, I want to entertain, but I am gonna have to go about this differently.
I want time for my wife and kid, and time to work on acting.. as well as work on my job interests.
So... that's what I'm gonna do.

I think every 6 days, I'm going to make a video. Maybe it'll be a gaming video.. maybe it'll be a vlog.. but either way, it'll be entertaining.


But I really need to fit YouTube to my life instead of my life to YouTube.
If I was making money from YouTube, sure, I'd make it my life.
But I'm not making an income to live off of. At all. In fact, Maker Studios has a 50 dollar payout window I have to get to first before I get paid.. and I was nearly there.. but.. somehow.. my earnings ended up going down to like 6 bucks.

How depressing.

I might just put ads on my Blog here. That might be better maybe.


We'll see.

I'm going to make a video on this Blog to announce it to my viewers.

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