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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Luna the Retired CPD Officer and Bounty Huntress

Table of Contents

Luna the Retired CPD/Bounty Huntress
Luna Diamond's Brief Story
Stats and Info
Music Themes

Luna the Retired CPD and Bounty Huntress

(( All this information is OOC unless I allow any of it to be known IC by someone.))

Name: Luna Diamond
Race: Kitsune Shapeshifting Mutant

Major Racial Ability: Shapeshifter 
Major Racial Fault: Bio Tech Allergic
Minor Sub Abilities: Night Vision, Color Changing, Multilingual, 
Minor Racial Faults: OversensitiveDouble Hunger, Terrible Driver

Build: Medium (Size can vary once a day due to the shape shifting.)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Scent: Bubblegum

Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: Undecided

Faction/Job: Undetermined. Supposedly ExP, Pirate, or Miner. 
Has had affliations with EGOV, CPD, BHG and JunkHounds.

Worn Weapons: SB Fist and a SS Blade with a Sturdy Grip. (Can not be disarmed)
Worn Armor: HB Heavy Ballistics +3 BDR and +2 UDR
Worn Utilities: Jet pack, Gas mask, Agility Boots,
Worn Magika: Yellow Phage, all Yellow Phage Bonuses Apply.

Implants: Crafting (Profession) Zerker, Cybernetic, Medical,
Licenses: Bounty Hunter, Vendor,
Protections: Several Property Protection Chips

 Roleplay Gear: Shapeshifting Cybersuit
This shape shifts with Luna when she does to accommodate her in her travels. 
More information on this at a later date on how it works.

Luna Diamond's [Glitch] Long Story

Luna, also known as Glitch, is an Asian Kitsune Anthropomorphic.
She has the capabilities to shape shift as well as change her skin and fur color.
She is a celestial being who once lived in an alternate plane of existence.
She is able to do many things that involve magic, occult and supernatural. (If she is in an Earthly body, her power is GREATLY reduced making her rely on technology to help her. But she can still do tricks like make wisps appear, illusions, and many other nifty things.)

With in the celestial realm of Kahremga, [KAH RIM GUH], a battle was waging between the creatures of light, the Kitsunes, and the creatures of darkness, the Nogitsunes.

 Luna, was once the princess of her realm, and was one of the few of the kitsune race (due to her lineage) that could use all the elements effectively. However, there is no Ying without it's Yang, and Sol, her corrupted brother, a kitsune, turned nogitsune, wished for her demise. He used an army of nogitsunes as well as large chaos dragons to wage war on the royal family.

 Unfortunately, most of Luna's family were slaughtered, making her one of the few survivors of her bloodline.
 The war utterly traumatized her to the point she heavily attempted to suppress the memories deep into her psyche. After which, she used all her heavenly power to transform herself into a being that could transfer into the Earthly Realm.

She did this out of fear, and to go into hiding as to save her bloodline, she does not know if there were other survivors who may have done the same thing as she, if they even bothered to do this. With the heavenly realm lost, if even temporarily, she had to stay in her earthly form until she knew it was safe to return.

Ironically, however, due to her trying to suppress her memories, and alter her celestial body to an earthly one, it literally broke her. She was unable, at least for the time being, revert back to her original form to return back to heaven.

To add to the chaos.. when the memories finally seemed to be locked away, for good, it was not without ramification that she was able to do so.. she went then went insane.

Normally, this would not be an issue, as once as a kitsune leaves it's earthly shackles behind, so does the imperfections of these shackles.. and thus, they become pure once more. In other words, she would eventually be sane again and able to think clearly once more. The whole situation that she caused, (by attempting to suppress her memories) was not advised to do, namely because it was dangerous, as she found out..

She was taught to embrace all things, good or bad.. mental or physical. But after seeing her dear family slaughtered.. she irrationally performed the self ritual on her own body. But her actions didn't just suppress the slaughter.. it suppressed many more memories she actually NEEDED.

Time had passed, and she was still in a weak state, this ended up in her becoming captured by the authorities of the time and stored in a cryotube. Luna stayed in that tube for ages, asleep and lacking knowledge of what was being done to her.

In time, she awoke, her tube filled with sand and was in the middle of a wasteland.

"My cryo capsule was located out in a dune back on Horizon. I thought it was in the middle of nowhere, because there was nothing but wasteland sand it seemed.

Nearby was a building, and once I got my bearings, I saw that it was solid and sturdy. Well, at least from what it looked like at first. Upon closer inspection, I saw that half was destroyed and there were other cryo tubes inside.. all empty.. I found this odd, they were all empty and inside the building, where I was outside of the building.. maybe a bomb went off.. I don't know.

I found some old clothing, and a small data chip, then made my way to Horizon which.. I understand why it got it's name.. It was right over the horizon of where I was at.

 I made my way to the settlement, with the wind blowing in my face and the sand getting in my eyes.. I arrived at the settlement's gate..
I remember someone saying that my hair was white, my mind and memories almost gone, scars all over myself.. and I looked like I was sexually abused...

I remember I felt.. normal.. I guess because my powers  were stripped.. I felt chained down.. stressed.. I always had a sense of freedom when I had my abilities.. I wasn't tied down to a human reality.

I stayed in that city trying to survive, and I lasted a few days.. I was told my sanity finally broke one day when the oil rain hit me.. CPD, the settlement's police corps, took me in.

They paid for my treatment to get better. In time I did get better.. I served as CPD for the longest while... then one day I went on vacation, Horizon was destroyed during my absence. I think due to a meteor.. I'm not sure.. those details are foggy.

I came back by ship.. and it brought me here, the Dawn Colony.. I continued my work as CPD for the longest time.. and finally one day I quit CPD..due to some.. reasons that appeared.. and now here I am, a part of BHG. For now."

She was unlocking bits of her memory over the years.. slowly.. but one day.. She eventually came across a large dragonlike creature, large in stature.  Seeing him made many memories come flooding back into her mind.. unlocking what she suppressed. He was like the key to her mind.. and it was not the key she would have wanted.

============================Tips on Luna's Formless Shape======================
People believe we have souls.. in a way we do.. I do.. this form is like a doll that I reside in.. I'm naturally ethereal. So you would not actually be killing ME.. just the shell.. I can make a new one.. I am able to alter how this shell looks though, but that's not the same thing as making a new body. But once I make a new one.. I am confined to it unless the vessel dies or is killed..


coming soon


+2 ACC With Melee
+ 1 Str
+2 Agil
+1 Per
+3 Sur
+3 Damage Reduction VS Ballistic
+2 Universal Damage Reduction
+1 Sneak
+2 Movement all times
+3 to their SNK rolls versus PER checks on their disguise.
 -2 Rolls on a vehicle Terrible Driver
+1 SNK for stealth rolls only.

Immune to Toxic, Pepper Spray, Catnip
Fall Damage Immune

Can not use BioTech
Double Hunger

In addition to Common, and whatever language your race/species has, you are skilled in other languages. This trait makes you understand the language of up to other two other races, and may be taken twice. Without this trait, you cannot understand when other races ICly speak in their native language.

Night Vision (Immune to penalties from low light or darkness.)

Oversensitive Sense
Non Silenced gunshots, or explosives in melee range deal 2 internal damage to the user. This damage may be avoided with an AGI roll, if the result is 12 or higher. Well as bright lights, such as a flashlight or flash bang grenade.


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