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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Pumpkin Lady

Luna the "Pumpkin Lady"  

She is a protandrous hermaphrodite. Meaning she was male, and switched to being female.
 She is a biological android that uses a specially made mask to keep herself alive for extended periods at night. As long as she has sunlight or artificial sunlight, she can be functional.

Extended periods out of sunlight can have devastating effects on her that will eventually lead up to temporary and even permanent deactivation. Once returned to light, she will be fine in most cases.

She's very passive, even to her own expense, at least at face value. She is able to disable nearly any violent situation be simply being laid back. Taking risks and gambles that usually pay off in her favor.

She's not evil nor good directly, and very ambiguous  She follows her own path sometimes at the expense of others.
She can be and has been very selfish in order to gain items or services, even trust.

Her story is a bit dark. She never was an android, especially one that needed light to stay alive like some sort of modern day Superman.

She actually used to be a young man, who was a very intelligent professor at a local university. Aside from his high level of intelligence, he was also rather insane as he got older.

He was fascinated with the dead and the eternal soul, but didn't believe in a god, instead, he decided to play god.
His young daughter was killed years ago, and her death had a major impact on his life, which made him snap in his earlier years.
His insanity drove everyone away from him, all his family, friends, and any one else that took a chance to meet him.

As the years went on, he was diagnosed with cancer and was given a short amount of time to live.
His android, the project he was working on for many years now, which was also made in the likeness of his dead daughter, was his only hope to continue his research.

He transfered his consciousness to the machine, making some last minute changes to make it functional, seeing as it wasn't even close to being complete, like a reliable power source for starters.

His choice did not out as play as he wanted, after making yet another android, he tried to place his daughter's consciousness into the newly made machine, but something went wrong however.. and the remnants of what remained of her, perished for good.

This sent him further into insanity, and he decided to play out her life in the manner that he felt was worthy of honoring her.
In time, he lost himself in this facade and became his daughter.. suppressing the memories and splitting his psyche.

He calls himself Alexandra, after his daughter. And since then now believes that he is her..

..until one day, she woke up not remembering her own name... she lay on the ground at night in a daze.. what happened?

Who am I?

Look at that night sky, and that moon, it's so pretty....

Luna loves to tinker and make things, completely losing herself in her own little world.. and sticks to her own devices.
Luna never was a man, she always was Luna, she always was machine. She simply came to Toxia to escape from the happy people. She doesnt like the happy people. They are annoying.

Years past, and Luna lived her life on Toxia for many years.. but kept to herself so much, few people know of her very existence.

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