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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A lot of changes coming!


So sorry I haven't been posting.. got a bunch of shit I'm dealing with.
So like my wife got a job near our first home.. that's like 3 hours away by the way.
So we're moving to be closer to her job..

on top of this.. I am finding work there too..

... and on top of that... I got my play coming up rapidly... it's coming quick (that's what she said) and yea.. so.. gonna move, I'm quitting my job, looking for work still, getting ready for the big day.. and yea.. it's been NUUUUUTS!

Then I will be needing to set up internet at the new place, and it's just absolute chaos here with everything thrown into the mix.

But.. yea.. I got time to let you all know what's up!

Til next time.

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