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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bad Luck

Uh oh! 

So, I was on my way to acting rehearsal, and decided, I was going to take the highway this time.
Usually, I take the back road, but nah, I decided to take the highway to get to my destination.

Welp, I wasn't anymore than 1/4 a mile from my house, that I saw something in the road.
I couldn't swerve since I would nail traffic beside me, so I decided I would go slow and go over it.

After all it was a small bit of debris, if I just went gently over it, I should be fine.


It got caught under my car, ripped up my oilpan, and oil dropped to the ground like a water balloon.

My job sucks. I get little hours. I have to be out of this apartment by next week.
I need to get to a job interview by tomorrow, and I have to use the car to move.

So, car is now out of commission, and I have maybe 20$ to my name, and bills are all coming out at the end of the month.


Stroke of bad luck! But everything gets better with time. :D

The debris I hit. It's a 18 Wheeler Truck Brakepad. Covered in oil.

The oil that still leaked from the car after I parked it back at home.

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