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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Update on Things back at Home.

Okay, so, my last day of work is gonna be August 25th.
My play is gonna be on August 20th and 21st.
I am both excited and terrified.

I have lived at these apartments for over a year now.
Having to move from here to another location nearly 3 hours away... ugh.
I hate moving.. I REALLY HATE MOVING.
Like.. you have to get all your address changes moved over.. have to get gas money to move.. which I have like.. 9 bucks to my name right now.
You need boxes.. and a lot of them.

So here I am, acting, trying to keep up with the blog, and it's like... one thing after another.

Man dude.. I just wanna be at the new place already and skip the moving part.
I think I may have a job at the Super 8, but not 100% sure.

None of the other places called me back.. (they never do anyway) .. so once I am done with work, I need to call these places and try to get some interviews set up.

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