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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Absolute Overhaul of Everything

So it's time. 2017 shows great promise.
I have hung up my gamer tag, as well as my vlogging.
Of course, I'm still going to blog. Ad free.

2016 taught me a lot. It taught me this.

So that being said, I have always had a passion with music.
I enjoy listening to it, I wasn't very good at making it growing up.
Finally, technology has allowed me to make music by myself and it sounds EXCELLENT!

I enjoy this very much. In fact I'm so damn good at it, I can make about 10 songs in a day.
I have now made my schedule at 12pm EST time every day and publish 1 song. 
(In the future that may increase to 2.)

Anyways, I enjoy my readers, I have been blogging about 1x a month.
I think that's, at least for now, how often I'll post on the blog. 1x a month.
It works out rather well.

I am updating a lot of things too on all my social media.. in progress, but everything will eventually be updated.
Right now I'm only focused on the primary social medias that I use.

And in case you missed it.

Follow me on +Little Jay Berry 
Or on Twiiter @littlejayberry
Or on my personal Facebook HERE.
Finally you can subscribe to my YouTube HERE

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