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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I'm back.

The break was short lived about two weeks.

But what was it that I had to leave for you may ask?

My wife and I got into an argument.
Accusations were thrown from both sides.
And in short, she walked out of my life for awhile.

After two weeks, we are attempting to patch things up.
It hasn't been easy, however, as breakups are never easy.
Reconciliation is also never easy.

You have to look past the error that caused the issues even if you don't agree completely with what was being accused of you. 

You have to man up and do what's best for the child who is caught right in the middle.

I'm trying to help patch up the large pile of drama cake that was served.
This is definitely a learning experience.
It's definitely hard to handle.. and trying to earn trust back on both sides is not easy.

So I can't go into detail more than that on a public internet article, but that's the summary of it.

So I had to step back. But I've been making music even more than ever to help keep my mood in high spirits. So a healthy hobby as it were.

Also I have about 30 days worth of songs coming up.

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