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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Song Releases for May 2017

List of songs due for May.

I'll add the songs as they get uploaded. I still have A LOT of them to render for this month.
Remember that these are in the EST zone. You will have to account for that time difference.

Completed and Date to be released:

May 1st: The Remix@12pm

May 2nd: Bottled Emotion@12pm

May 11th: Drop It@12pm

May 15th: EDM Tearout@7pm

May 16th: Reflection@7pm

May 24th: Luna@12pm

May 29th: California@12pm
                 Mortal Thread@6pm
                 Robotic Dirt@9pm
                 The End@12am
May 30th: Water@12pm
                  Lawful Evil@6pm

Pending Render and to be Released:

Evil Incarnated

Neon Soul
West Coast Battle
Who's there?

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