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Monday, May 1, 2017

Movie to be made come 2018!

There is a movie in progress that I'm filming and directing.

It's due May of 2018. Yes. One year from today.

It's low budget as far as movies go.

I'm composing most of the music for it as well.

I'm going to be seeking some help for it, but I'll mainly be doing most of the work on it.

I've always wanted to act, direct, and produce content.

This movie is not going to be like anything I've really done before.

First, it'll be purchased from YouTube and placed on an entirely separate YouTube channel 
(if possible). 

The music will not be released on my main channel, it'll also be purchasable through iTunes.

The direction of the film will be a silent movie with music.

Although I love movies that have speech.. I prefer to make silent movies.

The overall length of the movie is going to be about an hour or so.

I'm making a storyboard and getting ideas of what to add to it.

I'll be promoting the movie on all social media and including YouTube.

Hopefully, if it does well I'll get in touch with Netflix or some other platform too.

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