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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Song Releases for June 2017

Okay, so May didn't go as smooth as I hoped.
I'm going to release some of May's songs (that were SUPPOSED to be released) and shove them into June.

SOOOO... just a forewarning, June is going to be VERY crazy for me.. and hopefully, the craziness stays with June and doesn't go further than June. But we'll see.


  1. Evil Incarnated
  2. Neon Soul
  3. West Coast Battle
  4. Who's there?
  5. Turmoil
  6. Dying Inside
  7. Please Listen
  8. New Hope
  9. I Love Her
  10. Always Me *hint hint*
  11. The Horizon
  12. Great Tribulation
  13. Armageddon
  14. New Order
  15. Space
  16. Feelings (Rescheduled for July) Scorched was released instead.
  17. Superpower (Rescheduled for July) Zoran was released instead.
  18. Destruction
  19. Rebirth (Rescheduled for July) A Behind the Scenes was released instead.
  20. The Raven (Rescheduled for July) The Nyle was released instead.
  21. Little Sparrow (Rescheduled for July) Serefine Fusion was released instead.
  22. Look up to me (Rescheduled for July) LOLA was released instead.
  23. Winter (Rescheduled for July) Mischief was released instead.
  24. Gunblade (Rescheduled for July) Kitsune Harvest was released instead.
  25. The Power
  26. Dead to Me
  27. The Support
  28. The Game
  29. Tears
  30. Evil is Gone

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