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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Disadvantage of using royalty free anything.

There are always advantages to using royalty-free clips in your work, one of them is the time that you save from having to produce your own beats when you can use a royalty free clip instead that sounds similar to what you were thinking.

However, other artists feel the same way and use these clips in their work. No issues there, the only issue that arises is when they copyright their song that has these royalty-free clips in it.

When that happens, oh god, YouTube has a freaking field day. Copyright claims start flying left and right. And before you know it, you have an ever-growing list building quicker than you could place a bra on a hooker.

This is what I deal with daily. Each day I run the risk of the copyright holder being a dirtbag and wanting to decide to fight my disputes. So far, out of every dispute I've done. (I've honestly lost count at this point now.) Only one tried to say their claim was valid, only to quickly remove that validation five minutes later.

Here's what I post to them when I dispute the Copyright claims.

 This song was partially (or fully) developed using royalty free clips from the following iOS applications on the App Store.

The names of these applications are; Remix live, GarageBand, DJ Mix Pads 2, Launchpad, and Blocs Wave.

The individual clips used in my track can not be claimed by any party (myself or the accusing claimant) nor can they be used as standalone uploads as per the TOS agreements of these applications.

Please refer to the TOS agreements within these applications as they will ultimately prove my provided defense. Thank you.

In summary of these TOS agreements, they all basically provide a universal rule which is;
“The clips can be used in combination with other clips to make an original song.”

Which I have done. Which the claimant (you) have also done.

Using royalty-free clips in songs produces a false flag on this video platform due to the popularity of them.

Therefore, it would be in everyone’s best interest to review my defense and to please drop the copyright charge as the song that is being compared to my work is not a direct copy, it simply uses the same royalty free loops as the claimant.

You may download these applications and review the clips within them to come to an appropriate judgment.

Your cooperation and effort in looking into the brief evidence I have provided to resolve this matter are appreciated.

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