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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Going paid with my work? I don't know.

I was considering making my channel paid, and making a new free channel. But I'm not sure.
I was then considering making a premium music channel instead, and keeping my first channel free.

The reason I was wanting to make my current channel paid is that it would unsubscribe all the people.
But why do that? Someone would ask. It's mainly because it's my fault. 

You see, if you haven't been with the channel that long, you may want to know that the channel wasn't always music, first, it was a vlogging channel. Which failed. Then I turned it into a gaming channel. Which failed. Then I tried to make movies on it. Which didn't really fail, but didn't really take off either. 

Then I tried making it a tutorial channel, which my tutorials took off.. but then I didn't know what to teach people after some time doing it.. AND HONESTLY, I should have stuck with making it a tutorial channel. I should have. 

But my passion is more for music.

This channel has had a bumpy ride.. and I was considering making a temporarily paid so it would reset the channel.

Basically, when you turn a channel into a paid channel, it unsubscribes everyone that is subbed to it.

But I'm not sure. 

I'm seriously considering it.

So those of you who follow my blog and my Facebook and such. Feel free to add your comments.

This is regarding my MAIN CHANNEL. 

Not my sub channels.

So what do you think? Should I reset the channel?
Or make a music premium channel?

I would like to start making steady money from some of my songs.

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