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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Video to be released soon on my Cinema channel.

I will be releasing a small mini movie on what inspires me to make my music.

Instead of just answering it via a video.. "Reading Your Comments" type of deal, I'm going to make a miniature movie, probably 10 minutes long or so. Give or take.. on the matter.

There's a bit of me that is placed into every song.
Yes, there is a reason behind every song.
Yes, every song has a story.
And only the songs that have stories make it to the music channel.
Those are the ones that have my soul in them.

What I have been doing, is going back to these tracks and typing out a small mini story on what the history was behind each track. 

I feel the best way to express myself is by music.
I have to express myself by means of music.

Music is my self-expression.
Music is me.

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