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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Adjustments to Upload Schedules

As I posted on my official YouTube channel, I am making some adjustments to the upload schedules to not only my main channel but all my others.

First off, my sub channels are no longer going to have an upload schedule, least not until I produce content more often on those channels, my tutorial channel is actually going to have an eBook released on it for Truck Drivers trying to get their CDLs.

Next my Music channel, I am going to upload every other day instead of every day.

1) This is to help retain viewership, I released a poll and people prefer channels that upload every other day.

2) My upload time will change once the poll for that closes which will be in the next month.

3) I am appealing more to the furry community and anime community I noticed and so my thumbnails will change slightly and the names of the videos and content will change very slightly to appeal to these communities.

4) Next, I will be using the off days to produce better music and more original pieces. It'll also give me time to make better thumbnails. The reason for this is because my videos are getting flagged, and I need to stop using royalty free items. Even though I have permission for such.

5) I will be honest, some of my thumbnails, although I give proper ccredit when I can find the artist whom the credit belongs to, (by not removing their signature from the art in the thumbnail) aren't my work, so although I can appeal that I own the music, YouTube will investigate the thumbnails too.

So I want to be able to fight copyrights better and be able to appeal with confidence.

Anyways stay awesome!

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