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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Been slacking in the Music Department.

I usually don't slack off, but I've been very busy here lately. I quit my job so I can go to school for my CDLs. Money is going to be tight as heeeeeell. But it'll be worth it. There's been some drama, not much and definitely not enough to really go into detail over.

In other news, I've been on Amino a lot recently, past month actually, and have been writing a book for the viewers there. I'm going to publish here on my website first once it's done, then I'm going to publish it for Kindle, or any place that won't charge me or my viewers to read it on their personal devices.

As for the July upload schedule, with everything going on, I might have to back down my musical uploads to about once a week, every Friday at least until my school is over, then I can go back to being every other day HOPEFULLY.. depending on what kind of job I get, it might stay every Friday.

It's just a lot having to juggle YouTube, and my real life recently, maybe even for awhile, but I still want to make music.

So that means I won't be releasing future playlists on the site, like, what music is coming up.
It was a cool feature, and I apologize I been constantly making adjustments to it. But it is what it is.

Love you guys and girls, hope to get this all settled.

You all will have a video by Friday coming up! Hope you enjoy the music when it drops!

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