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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Failed the CDL test.

Failed that CDL test, but it's fine. When you take a CDL test there are (3) tests you must pass.
You have the Pre-Trip Inspection, The Maneuvers, and Road Trip.

I failed the Road Trip by 8 points.. you can't miss more than 30.

I have to retake it next week. I have to work on stab braking (braking too hard, need to ease up) and my speed. (going too slow for traffic conditions, and not slowing down properly.)

I'm going to keep working on the stab braking. I'll have this by next week. No doubts.
But this week I'm going to try so damn hard at passing this.

I want my class B.. I don't really care too much about my class A right now. Because I have to be home for my daughter and watch her grow up before I put myself out there to not see my family a lot.

Class A is to run the big tractor trailers (the two-piece trucks you see deliver to like your stores and such) I'm not really interested in that yet. I want to work for the state and school system for a good while first.

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