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My work is generally seen as, 

or as,

You MAY remix the song I have made or use it in your work as long as you give me credit for the original material. A link to my YouTube channel would be preferred.

You MAY NOT upload the song(s) solely by itself/ themselves. Doing so will result in disciplinary action.

My songs usually have a download link you can download the song for free or for a small fee.


Unless the song is specifically listed on this website as
you have every right legally to assume that I will allow you to reuse parts of the song, vocals, or any works (whole or in part) thereof both past, present, and future in your works.

Please be advised that I use royalty free clips from apps on the App Store and Google Play and that these clips, although not mine, have their own terms of service.

And furthermore, if they are used in your works, you MAY have an issue with a copyright claim AT FIRST since many other people use these clips and then copyright the song
WHICH MAKES A FALSE FLAG on YouTube's end. Which is easily solved.

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